About us/Mission

Our mission has always been to create and directly manage innovative structures that satisfy all our customers' requirements.

We can now say that we have reached our objective as we directly manage a structure of residence offices and several accommodation structures in Verona and its province. Their special quality is: small and well kept.


BUSINESS CENTRE means supplying furnished offices on hire for a day, a month, or a year, meeting rooms ideal for business meetings and work meetings.

Instead, our tourism activity is aimed at personal tours. OUR ACCOMMODATION STRUCTURES - agritourism, b&b, residencies and apartments are situated in the centre of Verona, in Valpolicella and Lake Garda.

We are the ideal partner for the Italian or foreign tour operator, looking to suggest to his customers: peaceful and reserved accommodation, within the cultural and social context of the location, making the guest feel at home.

We are the ideal solution for the tourist, traveller, and business man seeking relaxation, harmony and charm.

We have been operating in Verona since 1992, as part of the Business Centre and tourist services.

Since then, we have contributed - with our BUSINESS CENTRE services - to supporting many companies at the start-up stage on the Verona market. We fully manage the building and services, thus allowing our customer to concentrate solely on the development of his business. In fact, our slogan is:

Outsourcing under all aspects

We subsequently also entered the tourist sector business, in which we have successfully operated since 2003.

Today we can offer our customers various types of accommodation: from apartments in the centre of Verona, bed and breakfast or b&b in central Verona, through to agritourism or b&b in Valpolicella,10 minutes from Verona, through to the residence on Lake Garda, with its finely furnished single or double room apartments.

All our accommodation venues are equipped with all comforts: A.C., colour TV, private bathroom, minibar, hair drier, safe, entry by electronic pass. Their special quality is to make our guest feel at home. In fact, our slogan is:

Welcome home